Amol Prinn: Ends of the World


Simple mission, horrific results

All dates given in adventure posts are given in terms of season or month and year AS (After Starfall) to clarify chronologies for current players.

Planting, 991 AS

Sir John of Saddleford begins recruiting adventurers, mercenaries, and others to “cleanse the lands” of goblin races and beastmen. His activities focus on the areas around his stronghold in Saddleford, particularly the abandoned monastery of the White Monks to the north of the town. The party stumbles across not only the orc infestation they were supposed to exterminate, but a long abandoned vivesection lab and a mysterious pool of living blood deep under the monastery. After erasing the runes chalked around the pool, the creature it had contained escaped and the party discovered a stash of pre-Starfall relics and balestone, Sir John’s real objectives.

Once it was discovered that the party had found out about the artifacts, Sir John ordered the adventurers to be put to death. Two fellow prisoners (twins) tell the party to run “on their signal,” and create a magical distraction which angers both the Knights of K’han Sir John is reporting to and his lordship. After their escape, the still unknown benefactors tell the party to journey to the Inn of the Broken Hawk in Tarubar and to find David to let him know what has happened.



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