Amol Prinn: Ends of the World

Over the Mountains and Through the Desert

Autumn, 991 AS

The party, led by the druid Marrak, approached the palisades being built along the southern edge of the mountains. After being greeted by two members of the Blue Brotherhood, and advised not to raise arms against anyone while in their territories, the party traveled in peace to a large rectangular building they were informed by the operators was “Caravanseri 6.” The caravanseri, essentially a small village under a single roof, was operated by the Travelers (see wiki), and afforded the party a needed opportunity to resupply for the physically arduous, if otherwise dull, crossing through the Low Passes into the western Plains of Dust.

The druid, and the bard, a native of the Plains, were surprised to find newly laid caravan roads running along the foothills of the Lich’s Teeth Mountains. Travelers along the road, refugees from the settlements along the foothills and near the Delving itself, warned the party that the Longnight incursions from the Fell Lands had already begun further north and to be wary on their journey. A few days ride brought the party to another caravanseri, this one bearing signs of recent attacks. Outside the caravanseri, the caravan masters who were preparing to flee south in the face of recent hostilities agreed to reoutfit the party in appropriate gear before leaving the party to fend for themselves with a small group of Travelers who planned on leaving the next morning.

The night brought goblins and hobgoblins pouring forth from their settlements in the foothills, supported by a pair of hill giants. After a brutal fight, the giants were felled and the goblin attack was repelled, with some substantial damage to the party. Several of the Travelers were killed in the fighting, and the party moved on early the next morning to pursue their objectives.

Two days ride brought them to a crossroads, with a strange side road running directly into the mountains themselves. While attempting to change his form, the druid was struck down by a malfunctioning spell, only to be saved by divine intervention in response to the cleric’s fervent appeals to Olidimara.


This is awesome!

I posted a creative write-up of the party’s experience at my blog. It’s called” ””Two Sets of Legs


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