Amol Prinn: Ends of the World

Undead Again

Wow, that hurt...

Autumn, 991 AS (Two and a half weeks until Longnight)

The party continued on toward the Delving, and another attempt at recovering an artifact. Camping for the night, the bard stumbled upon Sif, a female fighter of some prowess, who was attempting to escape the developing madness around the Delving. Sif agreed to join the party and to travel with them toward the Delving and their goal.

The next day brought a confrontation with a small patrol of the Knights of K’hahn, in which three of the knights were slain and their companions managed to escape to spread the word of the party’s approach. Taking the high road toward the upper passes, the party discovered a jumble of recently destroyed fortifications before arriving at a massive tower which predated Starfall. The inhabitant of the tower, Anaxom (former apprentice of K’leem of Darkmoon), was amused to see the adventurers and that they had the spirit to fight their way into the tower itself. Offering them relatively safe passage and the bargain that if they left the tower alive their horses would be spared, Anaxom lured the party into his lair at the top of the tower.

The library atop the tower proved to be inhabited by homunculi loyal to the magic user, who beset the mage seeking an artifact he had picked up earlier in the campaign. A living spell and horrific accusations from the lich ensued, after which the party (still blinded from a spell) awoke to find themselves in a pocket dimension occupied by K’leem himself. K’leem informed the party that they had been somewhat misguided (though not deliberately) by several forces in the course of their adventures. Providing them with a more accurate history of events and a better course of action to achieve their goals, K’leem revealed that Sura-Nil himself was the source of the misinformation they had received and was the ultimate enemy they must face to achieve their ends. After bestowing his blessing on the party, and a warning about the priests of Ranek’s likely anger at their cheating death, he sent them back to Amol-Prinn in a place of relative safety, although a thousand miles from their hoped for destination, setting them down in front of the Library of Eliora in Dal Eronsil.



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