Gods of Amol Prinn

The recognized deities of Amol-Prinn are multifaceted and ever changing. Cults come and go, but some of the core deities are powerful enough and widely worshiped enough to endure. Each region has its own local deities,demigods, and forms of worship, those listed here are the most widely recognized and prevalent. Many of the deities worshiped before Starfall still have followers today, however, these gods are manifested in slightly different ways than they were before the cataclysm. The following list incorporates both the native deities of the land and the old gods who are still followed and their general attributes.

The Cerulean Beam

Duros,God of Fire, Crafts, Metalwork

Ehlonna,Goddess of the Woodlands

Eliora,The Grey Lady

Erythnul,The Many

Gashala,Goddess of Murder

Golnai,God of Pestilence

Hextor,Herald of Hell

K’hahn,The Man-God

Klee,God of Open Waters

Kord,The Brawler

Malthyra-Goddess of Cities, Justice, the Arts

Mardas-God of the Sun, War, the People

Maleira-God of Earth and Plants, the Flowering One

Methra-Goddess of Night and Chaos

Obad-Hai-the Shalm

Olidammara-The Laughing Rogue

Ranek-God of Ancestors, Death, and the Dead

Sura-Nil-Lord of the Undead

Syrithurna-Goddess of the Moon, Lovers and Hunting

Gods of Amol Prinn

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